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7. Training and development plans and programmes will be an ongoing process as staffing function insists on employee excellence and employee satisfaction on the jobs.

बातम्या आणि मीडिया बॉक्स

Staffing in an Organisation

Staffing is now recognised as a separate management function. The reason of separating the staffing from organising is to give proper emphasis to the actual manning of organisational roles. It takes the greater role of modern management. Management has rapid advancement of technology, increasing size of organisations and complex behaviour of human beings. Management needs importance in the staffing pattern.

Staffing is that process of management which is concerned with obtaining utilizing and maintaining a satisfactory and satisfied workforce.

Its purpose is to be established and maintain sound personnel relations at all levels in the organisation so as to effective use by personnel to attain the objectives of the organisation and to provide personal and social satisfaction which personnel want. Staffing consists of wide range of a interrelated activities.

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